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METANOIA : installation view — image © 2018 Nathaniel Willson.

METANOIA: installation view — image © 2018 Nathaniel Willson.

I am pleased to announce my first solo exhibition in a museum. OMNIA opens at Bellevue Arts Museum on October 12, 2018, and runs until March 24, 2019.  This discursive, elliptical show draws from over a decade of work and will fill the museum from the exterior to the interior as well as populate their website with unique content.

The culmination of an artistic journey made by Seattle artist Dylan Neuwirth over the past decade, OMNIA will spread throughout the Museum, starting with the exterior. The exhibition consists of five interconnected bodies of work that trace a metaphorical life-cycle—and by implication the life of Neuwirth—from the cosmic to the personal, including work in video, performance, sculpture, and neon. Through a multitude of personal, private, and pop-cultural references, Neuwirth aims to mine the fragmented impacts of 21st-century existence by mapping it against an expanded, universal post-human narrative.
— Benedict Heywood, Executive Director & Chief Curator

I'm looking forward to combining my earliest memories of alienation, subconscious violence, and systemic addiction with motifs from digital culture to create a series of interrelated tableaus that point toward cycles of searching, belief, and transcendence in one location. Knowing these nonobjective concepts are vital yet impossible to define, I want to tell a story with this exhibition, as shattered as it is. I don't know if my work changes the world, but it transforms me — and hopefully others along the way. In an age of absolute insanity, that's all I can hope for.

Visit Bellevue Arts Museum for more images, information, opening and closing dates, location, press contacts, and updates while watching OMNIA unfold over my Instagram.