Studio updates, current events, and archival posts from 2014-2018.


GENERATIONS is a series of simulations taking form, falling apart, and crisscrossing terrains. Each site-specific iteration is both a standalone piece of social software and integrated component of a hermetic yet ubiquitous network moving from realistic reflections to perversions of truth, orders of sorcery to dissolutions so inherently synthetic that their implied symbolism collapses into digital dust. Nothing is fixed.

GENERATIONS_2NDFS0HJR3_2018-07-16_05:27:52 UTC

GENERATIONS_2NDFS0HJR3_2018-07-16_05:27:52 UTC

Simulation 1

You won’t get this will forget it we don’t give a fuck will disappear you will disappear on repeat forever and ever amen.

Lifestyle Games

All organisms are really just replications of what came before. Are we the product of an infinite expression or is singular being a point of difference on the sphere of what it means to be human at all?


"Many of them do try to be good people. It’s just that they are raised in a different world, you can't hate them for their lack of empathy.”

Devoid of any obvious Hollywood signifiers, the even advance while the odd alter

I am not my past. My present is off. The future is dead. 

GENERATIONS_765B2N1071_2018-07-16_05:29:26 UTC

GENERATIONS_765B2N1071_2018-07-16_05:29:26 UTC

Simulation 2

The best camouflage is keeping yourself under constant surveillance. Show them you before they do. 

Having no other terrain to colonize or occupy, the virus seeks new frontiers and breaches the energy of the psyche, dreamscapes, soul.

Flower Power Plant (the big thaw)

Picking out the drone that is right for you will be the most important choice you'll make in 2019. 

GENERATIONS_PGK3JH19AI_2018-07-16_05:30:39 UTC

GENERATIONS_PGK3JH19AI_2018-07-16_05:30:39 UTC

Simulation 3

General indifference at the base of pillar just means an objective calm. 

Social Media Coach


The roof caves in from discount codes to reveal a constellation made from dead celebrities not even famous yet clawing for the dialectic dropdown menu.

Forms grow tired. Ideas live forever. Isn't that love?

GENERATIONS_DI28XKQ7I8_2018-07-16_05:31:52 UTC

GENERATIONS_DI28XKQ7I8_2018-07-16_05:31:52 UTC

Simulation 4

Transparency in advertising as advertising transparency itself. 

The temporal position for the popularity of an item, meaning anything that is or is part of a post, is only that — mass appeal translating into a viral and self reflexive sense of inherent value. A kind of majority effect expanding at an exponential rate decides this in a stadium of lies.

Stars upon stars. Endless.

GENERATIONS opens on Friday, August 3, 2018, from 8:00-11:00 p.m. during Seattle Art Fair at Oxbow and is a continuing residency running from July 15-August 31, 2018. This project is a collaboration with SEASON.