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I’m pleased to announce my inclusion in Lust For Light, a survey of contemporary artists from Yayoi Kusama to Jennifer Steinkamp and Dan Attoe to Liz West working with light, space, and interactive technologies. At 376 pages and hardbound by a reflective color cover featuring Lori Hersberger, the book is a unique work of art itself.

Whether it glows lustrously from neon, eminates purely from LEDs or radiates with intensity from lasers, this elemental medium, light, fascinates artists and viewers alike. Lust for Light selects works by artists who have used light as a primary or catalyzing agent in the featured pieces. Taking a dynamic approach in its curation, the book features the use of illumination in more traditional gallery forms as well as in three dimensional and large scale installation pieces.
— Hannah Stouffer

Spanning nine crisp sections, the book considers artists or creative groups working in Neon, Sculptural, Installation, Site Specific, Experiential, Color Field, Light & Shadow, Photographic, and Projection. Aside from being a comprehensive look into the medium, the book is a long-awaited milestone that places illuminated work into its own established, mainstream category as opposed to being a convenient go-to, eccentric sidebar or niche pursuit.


Edited by Hannah Stouffer, Lust For Light is published by Gingko Press Inc. and was released on October 15, 2018. See more on Hannah’s Instagram and buy the book here.