Studio updates, current events, and archival posts from 2014-2018.


New Folklore is one of a series of digital video works that Dylan Neuwirth has made to evoke a particular point in his childhood development. Babysat by late night TV, he roamed the blank screens of static, pop videos, cable access rants, and outsider Midnite Movies that populated the Athens, Georgia, airwaves before the age of digital broadcast. New Folklore re-imagines these enervating mixes of William Burroughs and David Chronenberg, as the artist, in the persona of Max Headroom-style chatbot deconstructs his exhibition at BAM, OMNIA.
— Benedict Heywood, Executive Director & Chief Curator

NEW FOLKLORE, a collection of manipulated digital video screen captures of browser-hosted Flash performances from 2014-2018, is live on the Bellevue Arts Museum website. OMNIA opened on Friday, October 12 with a performance of METANOIA and continues until March 24, 2019. Read more about the exhibition and see updates from my Instagram.