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SPIRIT GUIDE: digital video screen capture of a browser-hosted interactive Flash presentation © 2015 Dylan Neuwirth.

Psyched for NEW FOLKLORE at Plexus Projects in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on December 17 as part of their ongoing series, Apparatus. This one night only solo exhibition features self-confession videos performed by my clones and explores notions of posthuman identity, anxiety, doubt, and the loss of reflexive meaning in a world gone insane. 

The series of short vignettes coopts software used to create digital customer service representatives for commerce-driven sites. Neuwirth explores the technology as a way to make better versions of himself in a cleansing ritual that is at once uncanny and intimate.
— Laura Splan

I created these miniature versions of myself at specific points in time to best capture how I viewed my life at that exact moment. Over time, I've felt like they're simultaneously right on target and wildly off-base. They seem to float far out in a darkened valley yet appear right at home — like the neighbor next door you never see but whose nocturnal freak-outs remind you of yourself as if by osmosis. In the end, these ego reflections are black mirrors clipped up and reassembled into the essential components I feel like we all share even if we don't always know it.

NEW FOLKLORE opens December 17, 2017 at Plexus Projects in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and runs from 6:00-10:00 pm. See the Facebook Event for more information and read about the studio process of NEW FOLKLORE here.