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Psyched to present a discursive lecture based on my recent and multi-platform body of work NOT A HOLOGRAM to storied design firm Olson Kundig on Monday, March 7. Invited to speak about either drugs, sex, love or death — I will address how each one of these elemental forces affect and influence the definition of personal identity in a data-driven, networked world. 

The battle of what it means to be an individual human being has never been so heightened: the ever-escalating clash between modernity and eternity; jihad versus McWorld; heaven versus nothingness; science versus religion; feeling versus thinking, or whatever you want to label it.
— Douglas Coupland

Based in Seattle, Olson Kundig is a global leader in the field of art-driven architecture and specializes in making spaces that bridge "nature, culture and people" with projects that range from "huts to high rises, homes — often for art collectors — to academic, cultural and civic projects, museums and exhibition design, places of worship, creative production, urban design and interior design." 

NOT A HOLOGRAM can be viewed here. The Douglas Coupland quote is from an excellent editorial he published on Artsy.