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NOT-A-HOLOGRAM_LIKES-WILL-TEAR-US-APART.MMXVI: video still | Dylan Neuwirth © 2016

NOT-A-HOLOGRAM_LIKES-WILL-TEAR-US-APART.MMXVI: video still | Dylan Neuwirth © 2016

Beyond psyched to present the first exhibition of my work in 2016 with a dedicated new direction that considers the ongoing effects of living in the Anthropocene, late-capitalist ecology, artificial life, and posthuman contemporary existence as they relate to the moral aesthetics of survival in a burgeoning Neo-feudalist society. Influenced by current trends in economics, social media behaviors, political responsiveness and developments in technology, the exhibition is intended to operate like an immersive installation comprised of four objects and a digital video working together to create an experiential, game-like environment. NOT A HOLOGRAM is a multi-pronged assessment of what it will feel like to exist in the future we can most probably expect as the planet slides into a decades-long apocalypse. It's the kind of place where privacy is the ultimate commodity but the value of your spirit is priceless. In the end, it doesn't matter if you live or die — you're relevant.

NOT A HOLOGRAM opens February 4, 2016 in Seattle at Glass Box Gallery and worldwide on NewHive featuring unique online content.