Studio updates, current events, and archival posts from 2014-2018.


Update: BLACK BOX is an ephemeral festival and FULLSCREEN is a rotating series, the ABSOLUTE ZERO online content featured on their site can be found here.

ABSOLUTE ZERO is currently featured on the FULLSCREEN section of the BLACK BOX FESTIVAL and hosted by multimedia publishing platform NewHive. Originally presented as the online component for my solo exhibition of the same name from earlier this year, this digital video is both a simulacram of the IRL neon installation and a detached, stand-alone meditation on social media loneliness, missed connections and human frailty. Created in a period of extreme personal and political doubt; the work is a frigid, visual poem celebrating the impossible nirvana beyond all the dead posts, unfollows, deleted texts, and airplane mode-moves between me, you and everyone else we know blinded by their own screens, reeling in the blistering distance of digital decay.