Studio updates, current events, and archival posts from 2014-2018.


Bringing together fourteen artists in an inaugural show for a new international project space focusing on IRL/URL exhibitions performed on location, JETLAG operates at the collision of market, merit and access. This hybrid model is dedicated to presenting compelling work in unconventional locations to provide a new context for artists whose work may be under-valued, globally obscured, or who are working on issues that may exist outside of a popular dialogue. Conceptually flexible and mobile by nature, exhibition programming will seek to connect new forms of content that engage the total idea of contemporary art as a relational medium itself. 

The hegemony of a globally synonymous architectural style is now only the ubiquitous dimensions of the shipping container, credit card and condo. An explosion of anything considered frontier in favor of a flat feeling of false exclusivity. Nothing except the surface sliding off. A relentless sensation as dull as a dead sky at 30,000 feet.
— Diego

Just don't let your skin get so thick you can't feel anything. 

JETLAG: DEEP WEB NEVERLAND opened in Fahaheel, Kuwait on March 28, 2015. Upcoming 2015-2016 venues include: London, Toyama, Seattle, NYC, and LA. Designed for a desk or laptop and best viewed on Chrome or Safari with a fast connection. KID A CAME OUT TOMORROW #JETLAG