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Parties Prises is a concept based on collecting information which surround and invade our minds, stay imprinted and get deleted. The principle is to keep a record of different creative processes and the selection which results from it. For the issue number zero, Lia Rochas-Paris asked about forty artists to “perform” screenshots intended for paper print. Freezing the computer screen like a memo often doomed to disappear in virtuel reality. The theme of ADD / Attention Deficit Disorder / stresses out the “hurly burly” aspect of the thoughts and actions emerging from these new means of communication, rendering new methods of attention…with Aldéric TrévelAda AvetistAlix DelmasAndrea HellerAnna LejemmetelAnnabelle ArlieAnaïs EleonoreAnne-Laure Gee-FranchetteTurbo Seubu, Camille Henrot, Céline Vaché OlivieriDominique Koch, Edouard Édouard RollandEmilie GuenatDavid DroubaixEmma Le DoyenIngrid Berthon-MoineJohann Bouché-PillonKein KünstlerKyle SimonLætitia GorsyLaurie FranckLéo DorfnerLia Rochas-Páris, Louise Mestrallet, Julien Carreyn, Jacques Floret, Franck RezzakMaroussia RebecqMathieu Mercier, Matthew Lessner, Olivier Mosset, Pierre ClémentPlanete MirageRenaud Perriches, Romain Courtois, Safia Clubmed-SchwartzSamuel RixonShana Moulton, Sylvia Grincourt, Dorothée Levif, Thomas Thomas Péan, Tom Bücher, Ethan AssoulineConstant FernandezSasha GymnastiqueMichael Pybus, Marion Sagon, Helene Garcia, Chloe CurciGabriel Hernandez, M-O-R-S-E, Bleu TendresseDylan NeuwirthBenoit MénardLoza Yya, 2015 !!! THANKS / MERCI / DANKE

Parties Prises - Curated by Lia Rocha-Paris | Ongoing Tumblr Publication/Hardbound Edition © 2015