Studio updates, current events, and archival posts from 2014-2018.


Posts into the beyond. Telepathic smiles of the new dead. I saw you peeping. Screen Recordings feat. C L O N E Don't wait for me child. I've been up all night and this airport is as empty as my empathy. No stars. 10 / 24 / 15 Attention Wealth will disappear I'm an animal trapped in your hallway. Indonesia the mysteries smashed You don't realize how good it feels to feel nothing. Until you feel extreme. Website Meditation Company No one gets out of wifi alive. Your words today on FB about how Urban Outfitters provides us this place with candles and music playing to soothe us into innocuous worlds of experimentation and alternative styles moved me so much. LA >> 2017 Good vibes only. 10 / 17 / 15 My therapist told me to shut up, quit art and live on the beach. nothing shocking L O V E rn