Studio updates, current events, and archival posts from 2014-2018.



I'd like to personally thank each and every person who has supported my work, what I do and how I do it. You all know who you are and if you don't know each other yet, #justbeyourselfie is a great place to start. Because even after seeing its fair share of excitement and drama; Seattle's social media sculpture has needed some serious back up lately. JUST BE YOUR SELFIE has been fixed twice in the past two weeks and is now back to 100% and on 24/7 until September thanks to Western Neon: you guys rule!

That being said, the heat is here and it's looking good on Seattle. It's been an insane year so far (we got engaged!!) and I'm psyched to take some time off to read, recuperate and enjoy just living my life. So, I look forward to seeing your IG fill up with vacations, concerts, fashion and fun. The rest of 2014 and early 2015 is already looking fresh, but in the meantime, I'm kicking it. THANK YOU and have a great summer!