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NOW: s tainless steel, 2 in. diameter | Dylan Neuwirth © 2014

NOW: stainless steel, 2 in. diameter | Dylan Neuwirth © 2014

Yesterday there was a commotion in Occidental Park with a group of people playing football and JUST BE YOUR SELFIE was damaged. The "f" in SELFIE was broken and that half of the work shut off. If any part of the glass is damaged the transformers will just shut off so it's safe.

But as a result, an amazing thing happened: the work transformed itself into a pure affirmation of life itself. Reading JUST BE, it seemed to be saying what I've been feeling lately, "Just be, take it in and slow down. It's all good. Take that walk with your son today. Live without a device in sight. This will all be here tomorrow. Chill my dude" 

The odd thing is, it was unfolding like a movie. Only a couple of days ago I posted JUST BE to Instagram. And upon leaving the house yesterday I brought a stainless steel medallion engraved with the word NOW with me (in the image at the top of this post & created as a symbol for the monumental version of this idea during the summer of 2012) to take some images with. I was just feeling that type of way. Kind of in a place of accessing what I've done, where I'm at and where I want to go next. We all get to this point. 


You have to go to this place from time to time. Step outside the feedback loops of your digital you and hang out with your you you. For me, I always think there's something I have to do, this can't wait or I have to text back. In this instance, the cosmic gears fell into place and gave me a chance to ponder it all. Just to be and see what that is again. Because here's the deal: I've been sober for over three years and everything I've achieved is because of that set of choices and the energy it takes to remain so. Anything I've done is because I'm living right now. I have to. Every second is a chance to act, and lately I've felt pulled away from that. So I got the chance to check myself, and reflect on the past, present and future. What it all might mean. What to remember or forget. How to move forward in a positive way.

Because of this, what I've been feeling and the events yesterday; the work became a transformative piece for me, showing me something I needed to see. I've never made anything that has had this kind of impact and I've been absolutely blown away by the public support for the work. It's truly a social (media) sculpture and does indeed create personal and shared web based experiences as intended, but in totally unexpected ways.

That being said, we are actively fixing the work and it should be back up and running tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning. Thank you for all of your kind words and images across all the social platforms, and for helping the narrative to unfold. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep it in motion.