Everything about me is public, private and secret. Y O U T H Free digital vapor download. ATM Underground electronic cigarette label. Y U T H >> Image/Object rn Infinite scrolling condition. Y U N G r n FaceTime Deposit Object Balloon Item the world is on fire Drop down. What about fear? Lately I've been feeling some type of way. The world's on fire and my Instagram on wreck. LOL +  I was chilling last night in Whole Foods checking out Paleo Magazine and my cover photo suddenly felt very real. Internet disease. All these works are just symptoms of the disease. Expressions of the virus. In their various parts they mean a percentage of the poisoned whole. Taken together they collide to create a vision of the posthuman. 1080p Peace Out or Low Free or Right With every body of work or show I'm making new folklore and it always takes a while to catch on. The Violent Ends. This new folklore might kill us. I'm working on an honesty that will make the lies less like the truth. American b. 1977 Endless speculation. Questions. So many questions. Don't stress dude. It's all good. Watching Her with the clone and sipping Perrier. My grandmother's favorite song was "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" by the Kingston Trio. And she said she felt like, "I've spent my life looking for something and being disappointed when I found it." Spiritually Arrived Vibe Smiley face with Perrier empties :) :| :( black billboard temples: Reef, Clarify, Saturation @77% Make dinner not art. P E A C E - DN