Psyched to announce my inclusion in Library of the Printed Web #3 launching at Offprint London (Tate Modern, Turbine Hall) May 22-25, 2015

"Library of the Printed Web is a collection of works by artists who use screen capture, image grab, site scrape and search query to create printed matter from content found on the web. LotPW includes self-published artists’ books, photo books, texts and other print works gathered around the casual concept of “search, compile and publish.”

Artists featured in LotPW use vast landscapes of data to collect and transform digital information into analog experience; every work in the collection is a printed expression of search engine pattern discovery. Many of the works in LotPW share common production and publishing techniques (e.g., print-on-demand), even as the content itself varies widely.

Founded in 2013 by Paul Soulellis, LotPW presents evidence of a strong, emerging web-to-print-based artistic practice based on the search engine and other algorithmic operations; as this view matures, the inventory of LotPW will grow to reflect new concepts and methodologies.

Rather than draw boundaries or define a new aesthetic with LotPW, this collection of printed artifacts is presented as a reference tool for studying shifting relationships between the web (as culture), the artist (as archivist) and print publishing (as a new/old self-serve schema for expressing the archive)."

Library of the Printed Web - curated by Paul Soulellis | Edition #3 coming May 2015 featuring 147 artists.

Dylan Neuwirth is a posthuman contemporary artist working at the intersection of culture and capital to establish the relevance of identity in a civilization of spectacle beset by fear, doubt and isolation. Born in 1977, lives in Seattle; represented by SEASON. Be sure to discover all new lies about "Dylan Neuwirth" plus the output in neon, sculpture, public art, image, video, digital media and experiments in technology (after I got sober in 2011, because the work before that is shit) with continued promises of fame or success on my CV. Psyched to be in this UK group show where people could take anything they wanted in some kind of anti-capitalist form of infinite exchange since it was all free like the world is anyway. Even after hiding in plain sight and giving them nothing but totally cool distance ABSOLUTE ZERO certified my street cred again after I almost sold out but my IG is still seriously on wreck. Pumped they used the underground electronic artist bit in Beautiful Decay. No name drop in the Huffington Post or Wall Street Journal but I do get it in the WIRED article for making 200-year-old paintings go viral. That pop theory public art spectacle that nearly ruined me in this Vanguard spot is really cool, just don’t take it at face value. I really did ask my longtime girlfriend to marry me over Facebook (also in person at the same time so it wasn’t corny and actually felt like being in a stadium since I made the post the exact moment I proposed) with a neon David Bowie lyric from one of the best songs off of Low with a huge shout out in Seattle Met. Steal it better IRL Vice. I have made and still do make physical objects so either ignore the ISC or make some room in your condo. Discount all subjective opinions in The Stranger and City Arts unless you work for them. It’s all good on the infinite inside joke overshare Net Artist Daily. That one time I was on ARTFCITY. Burn your blog bro.